Edumission 2017 Winners

Announcing Edumission 2017 Winners!

Happy New Year 2018! With the celebrations just behind us and the Bett show right around the corner, It’s time to announce the winning schools of the EDUMISSION 2017 challenge!

First Place:
No Bell School, Konstancin-Jeziorna – Poland

Second Place:
Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Desembargador Amorim Lima – Brazil

Third Place:
Little Forest Folk Primary School – London – England

Since it is virtually impossible to place such different institution along one single scale for rating, we decided to give a honorable mention to a few more.

The list below could have been described as ‘Judges Picks’ or ‘Special Recognition’. 

We are proud to call:


  • Amal Network in Tel Aviv, Israel – for exeptional innovation
  • British International School of Houston in Texas, US – best implementation of pedagogy of the future
  • Wish School in Sao Paulo, Brazil –  for thier holistic approach for education
  • LIKS in Mexico City – nominated most promissing institution. We have high hopes from you guys!
  • Faaborgegnens Efterskole in Faaborg, Denmark  – for innovation in a boarding school
  • Teia Multicultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil – for demonstrating interdisplanry innovative ways of teaching
  • Escola vila verde in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil – for making the deepest and most innovative use of enviromental learning


We want to take this time and thank all of you for participating! It was a hell of a ride and required tremendous efforts from everyone involved.

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding Edumission 2018, and in the meanwhile – keep on rocking it in the journey for sharing educational initiatives all around the world!


Happy 2018


Edumission Team