Questions & Answers


Who can submit their candidacy for the challenge?

Registration for the challenge is open to schools from all over the world (especially secondary school and junior high school), which present and implement an innovative educational model. A team which registers through the website must be comprised of at least three teachers. Each school that submits its candidacy for the challenge must pay for airline tickets for members of the team participating in the challenge (at least three teachers) for a visit to one of the other participating schools. Additionally, the school must undertake to host a delegation of teams from around the world, which will come for a visit.

How are participating schools selected?

The selection is conducted by a professional team of judges, and the criteria for selecting a team are:

  • A committed team that is suitable to participate in the competition, and highly motivated to embark on a fascinating adventure
  • An extraordinary, groundbreaking and unique school
  • A strong desire to present the unique nature of the school and class to the world
  • Potential for expanding the proposed program to include additional teachers and schools
  • A real passion to learn from other teachers from around the world and to continue to improve
  • Creativity in presenting the school’s unique model

How many schools will enter the challenge?

During the first year, which is a pilot program, 20 select schools will participate in the challenge. In the coming years, the challenge will be opened to a larger number of schools.

What is the challenge’s itinerary?

09.04.17         Completion of the Challenge Registration

20.04.17         Schools selected to participate in the challenge are notified.

15.07.17          Presentation of Products – Each school will prepare a practical video manual that documents its unique model and the manner in which it is to be implemented at other schools.

15.08.17          Online learning of the different models from all over the world, and the manuals that were submitted by the participants in the challenge.

01.10.17          Completion of the learning stage and submitting of the peer evaluation.

01.11.17          Completion of the visits throughout the world.

01.01.18         Announcement of the challenge winners.

25.01.18         Representatives of the winning schools will fly to England to take part in the BETT Show, where the challenge’s closing event will be held and next year’s competition will be launched.

Why should I participate in the challenge?

Prizes – The three schools which make it to the competition finals will be awarded airline tickets to England and tickets to participate in the BETT 2018 Show. Tickets will be distributed as follows: the school in first place will be awarded three airline tickets and tickets to the show, the school in second place will be awarded two airline tickets and tickets to the show, and the school in third place will be awarded one airline ticket and one ticket to the show.

Distribution – The educational models participating in the challenge will benefit from wide international distribution and will reach leading teachers and educators from around the world; and the selected teams will become part of a database of leading education lecturers, so they can be invited to give lectures and workshops throughout the world.

Improvement – Schools selected to participate in the challenge will be assigned a professional and unique manual, created by leading professionals in their fields and will they will receive professional support throughout all the stages of the competition.  Additionally, each school’s unique model will receive serious feedback based on the colleague evaluation model and the evaluation of experts from around the world.

Networking – The teams that will take part in the challenge will form new relationships with unique and innovative teachers and schools from around the world.

What is the final product that the teams must prepare?

The final product is an online manual comprised of four lectures lasting at least 5 minutes each.  The manual will present the unique nature of the school and provide practical information to educators who wish to implement the unique model in their own schools.

Please note:  The aforementioned are the minimum prerequisites.  We are confident in the creativity of the participating teams; and from our standpoint, the sky is the limit.

I don’t have technological knowledge or background in filming, how can I produce the final product?

As part of this challenge, the teams will receive an organized manual that will teach them how to present their video content in a professional manner: how to record, film and edit. Therefore the teams do not require advance technical knowledge.  On the other hand, all the teams must demonstrate a real desire to learn new things.

How is the challenge winner selected?

The selection is conducted by a professional panel of judges, along with the audience.  The judges’ evaluation will constitute fifty percent of the final score and the audience’s evaluation will make up the remaining fifty percent of the final decision.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

We are the Education Cities team, committed to changing the face of global education for the better.  We are big believers in games, competitions and challenges and are confident that this is a wonderful method for facilitating a real change in the educational systems.  We have chosen to promote the Edumission Challenge in order to expose the world’s teachers to the wonderful knowledge that is developing in other classrooms and to enable teachers from around the globe to learn from one another.