Yaacov Hecht

Yaacov Hecht

Yaacov Hecht founded the Democratic School of Hadera in Israel, the first school in the world to call itself democratic. He then helped to establish a network of democratic schools all over Israel.

In 1993, he convened the first IDEC

Shortly after, Hecht founded the Institute for Democratic Education in Israel (IDE), and within it, the academic faculty for DE teachers.
His book “Democratic Education: A Beginning of a Story”, which has been translated into English, Portuguese, and Bulgarian, is a source of inspiration for groundbreaking educators and entrepreneurs all over the world.

In 2010, Hecht founded “Education Cities – the Art of Collaborations” an organization that promotes collaboration and networking in the classroom, in the school, in the city, in the country and in the world.

Yaacov is a distinguished and sought after speaker around the world, and lectures on issues that are close to his heart: artificial intelligence, social networks, Big Data, Disruptive Innovation, Augmented reality, and the ways these issues influence our life.

Yaacov regards the preparing and directing of the educational system towards the future as his main mission today.